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Mon, Feb. 6th, 2006, 10:50 pm
humanfactorslab: REMIX CONTEST!!!!!

Hello darklings! Human Factors Lab is now hosting a REMIX contest for all of you, our fans. This is your chance to be heard! We're issuing a remix challenge to anyone who'd like to answer the call. Within the week we'll be posting the files to our song "Dead Heroes" up on our website for all of you to download. (We'll make another big post once they're up there to let you know when they're posted) Anyone can enter. All you have to do is download the files, mix them up however you'd like, the sky's the limit here folks, and then send your mixed version back to us!

The official rules and entry form will be posted within the file package. The deadline will be March 13th. We'll listen to each and every one submitted to us and pick out finalists. From those finalists we'll leave it up to you guys once again to choose the winner. The winner of the contest will have their song featured in our upcoming remix album "PAP3R", along with a copy of the album once it's out! All finalists will have their songs hosted on our website, so you still have lots of chances to get your artistic talents heard all over the world. So don't miss out because this is your chance to have your creativity featured alongside other artists such as KMFDM, BILE, Crossbreed, Curse Mackey, and MANY more!

Break a leg everyone!

From the members of
Human Factors Lab