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Thu, Sep. 29th, 2005, 06:47 am
humanfactorslab: a letter from Human Factors Lab

To dispel many rumors we would like to write a letter to all the fans and supporters of Human Factors Lab. After almost 2 years of nonstop performing and touring Human Factors Lab has decided to take a short break to deal with some personal issues..As well as to shift focus onto the new album . Tentatively being titled "Dinner with renee" the album features remixes by KMFDM, BILE, CROSSBREED, and Curse Mackey as well as other artists and also some live tracks. the new album is expected to be out later in 2005. Along with the release of the new album will also b brand new website.. and a complete new line of merch. The HFL street team is also be relaunched in full.. and touring will continue. thank you so much to everyone for the past 3 years... and we plan on having many more to come. we will see you all soon we will be back and better then every.

Human Factors Lab

p.s. a thread has been created regarding this on the HFL message board... feel free to ask any questions that hav enot been answered... or just to share your thoughts